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Death Benefit

  1. Active member;

    At death in service, the dependants of the deceased member are entitled to the withdrawal benefit plus three times the annual salary of the deceased.

    If a member of the University of Swaziland Pension Fund passes away while in service and earning E 10,000.00 per month. The death benefit is calculated as follows, assuming the actuary calculates the withdrawal value to be E 250,000.00:

    Amount to be distributed to dependants = Withdrawal Value + 3× Annual Salary
      = E 250,000.00 + E 360,000.00

    E 610,000.00


    The Trustees will then distribute this amount to the deceased’s dependents in terms of the Act.

  2. Pensioner;

    At death of a pensioner, the family of the deceased will receive a funeral benefit of E 5,000.00 on submission of the relevant documentation. The balance of the pensioner’s guaranteed benefit will also be paid to the dependants of the deceased.

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