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Rural Housing Scheme

The Fund has a Rural Housing Scheme that it provides in terms of Section 19 the Act. The Rural Housing Scheme is provided in an agreement of the Fund with Nedbank Eswatini Limited, a registered financial institution. The Fund provides a guarantee to the financial institution of not more than a 60% of the member’s withdrawal value. This means the financial institution cannot offer a housing loan of more than 60% of the member’s withdrawal value, subject to the country’s financial lending legal framework. Once the member fulfills the requirements to qualify for the access to the scheme, the member can visit any Nedbank branch for assistance.



The financial institution pays out the loan such that 30% is paid in cash and the balance is paid out against invoices from the different service providers that will facilitate the construction of the house/ home.

Repayment period:

The maximum repayment period is 10 years, when calculating the loan repayment installment; the financial institution ensures that the loan must have been paid in full at least 2 years before retirement. If a member dies before paying off the loan, the loan is settled by a credit life insurance that the member takes out.

Interest rate:

Prime less 1%

For more information, contact a Nedbank branch near you.

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