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Ill-health Benefit

When a member of the Fund becomes unable to work and the doctors recommend that the member retires on medical grounds, a member is entitled to 2% of the member’s pensionable salary for each year of pensionable service plus a lump sum equal to three time the member’s annual pensionable salary.

If a member of the University of Eswatini Pension Fund has been a member for 15 years and earns E 10,000.00 per month at the date of retirement. The retirement benefit is calculated as follows:

Pension Monthly Salary = 2% × No. of years × Salary
= 2% × 15 × E 10,000.00

E 3,000.00


If the member so chooses, he may commute up to 1/3 of this amount and receive it as a tax-free lump sum. The member will then receive E 2,000.00 per month which is the remaining 2/3 plus E 360,000.00 cash lump sum.

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