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UNESWA Pension Fund

The University of Eswatini Pension Fund (“the Fund”) was established in 1974 to provide pension benefits to members of the Fund upon withdrawal and retirement. The Fund is registered in terms of the Retirement Funds Act of 2005 (“the Act”) with the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (F.S.R.A), the Regulator, under licence No. RF 1017/08. This Fund is a Defined Benefit (DB) scheme and the rate of contribution is determined by the Actuary in order for the Fund to provide benefits.


To be a Fund that is complaint, autonomous, sustainable and providing a better life for our members.


Properly manage and grow members’ funds to provide a sustainable pension benefits to members and beneficiaries, keeping the informed about their benefits and responsibilities.


Respect, tolerance, participations, diligence, candour, accountability, sympathy

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